The classes have a blend of dance, fitness, and yoga. The following styles have been innovated for your dance journey.                          


s256078 copy.jpgBollywood dance is a cinematic dance style. This dance style are mostly a combination of Indian classical, oriental and western dance. Each movement has a meaning and here you develop feelings to express it through hand gestures, facial expressions, and movements. You will learn complex choreographies and you will practice and refine them.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:  Discover & Strengthens your creativity.

                                                                          BOLLYWOOD FITNESS

                    BMotionEBB_2407 copy.png

Bollywood Fitness are an inspiration from Indian dance styles and incorporates endurance training, it has a Fitness similarity like Zumba, easy to follow and the steps are often repeated. This is also a great start to improve your basics for Bollywood dancing. Everybody can join us.

GOALS: Endurance training has been proven to gain long-term health benefits for body and mind.


                         jkf15-1 copy

An in-depth focus on elegance. This style traditioned from Indian Semi Classic Dance. Gesture by gesture, swish by swish love every inch of your glorious body through slow, curly & whirl movements.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Sensuality & flair to your femininity.



Yoga is a combination of slow meditative movements, balancing poses backbends and stretching. Every movement, every breath helps you relax your muscles. Practicing Yoga daily helps you bring stress levels down and improve your energy levels.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Take control of your inner-self, Decrease your anxiety, Improve focus.

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