Sasha Mukhija // Hi there, great that you’ve stumbled upon our page! 🙂 Apart from my strong interest in science, I have always been trying to incorporate some style of dance to get away from everyday life. It started out with ballet and continued with an extremely long time of Hip Hop dancing. During college I joined a Salsa class but quickly became part of Gauri’s amazing Bollywood class. And to my surprise it’s different to anything I have ever experienced before. It gives me more energy, happiness, confidence and as cheesy as it may sound it added colours to my student life. My main motivation came from the Hindi movies and dances at festivals I’ve been watching all my life. It’s a great opportunity to dive into my own culture and experience a different part of the world. I hope that we as a group can spread this feeling among other people as well and am looking forward to how dancing is going to help me and maybe you express the beauty of life.
Cora Endres // At a very young age, I became a huge fan of Bollywood movies. I enjoyed watching the dances, the drama and the emotions. The idea to start dancing came after we had a project for school which was surprisingly about Bollywood. My mentor told me that there is a Bollywood dance class in the studio where he is dancing Tango. I was very shy at that time and I was hesitating to go. In 2010, I started Bollywood dance classes with Gauri and It was a great decision. I overcame my shyness and gain self-confidence through performing on different stages. Dancing has taught me many things in life and it even compliments my work as a dressmaker.
Kavisha Sinnathamby
Kavisha Sinnathamby // In 2015, during Isaithullal event in Solothurn, Switzerland I met Gauri. She was performing at the event and I was impressed about her stage performance. Gauri presented intense self-confidence while dancing which I highly sought to achieve. That was the motivation for me to become a student of her. Since 2016 I am a proud student of her and convincing other women to join the lotus dancers! Because everyone can dance.
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