Gauri Choreographer

The interest for Bollywood dancing was through my career with rental of Bollywood songs and movies. I was very keen and exited to introduce the Indian culture also through Fashion and Dance and that has inspire me to open  Bollywood dance classes in Basel.
Thankful to my mother who has discovered my passion for  dance at a very young age. She has accompanied me to join Abhinaya Academy Indian Classical Dance where I have learned the dance style Bharata Natyam ( Temple Dance form from South India ).

I have learned dance in Amsterdam.

Dance has keep me living and uplifted my soul,  I have built my self-confident through dance and indulged myself completely into it that I couldn’t control myself to learn and discover myself more.

I have learned other dance styles too such as Kathak from Mrs. Uma Sharma in New Delhi, Bollywood dancing from Mrs. Saroj Khan in Bollywood Filmindustrie Mumbai who taught dancing to numerous of Bollywood superstars, Tango Dancing from Mr. Mathis Reichel in Basel, Zumba and Salsa came with the trend and I loved it and eager to learn more.
In the dance industry I have carried roles as a performer, teacher, choreographer. I have choreographed for contestant for Miss Switzerland/India in 2012, Deutsche Opern in Berlin for Vasco Da Gama in 2015.

My thoughts about the name for Lotus Dancers: 

“ A Lotus is a symbol of femininity and each petal represents one dancer and when we are together dancing we are forming the whole lotus flower that will blossom and radiance the viewers and that we dance through the stages of life beautifully and gracefully stronger“

– Gauri, Founder of Lotus Dancers

Muba 2012

I represent the face of India Gastland Muba in 2012. I have performed in TV shows and in cultural activities. To name a few,  JKF-BASEL, ISAI THULLAL DANCE SHOW, KARMA EVENT by COOPMAANADA-MAYILADA TV SHOW at KALAIGNAR TV  in CHENNAI

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